PREMIUM business support WITH start and grow

  •    Anyone who is 18 or over
  •    You're wanting to either start a business or have been trading for less than 2 years
  •    Your business will be or is based in either England, Scotland or Wales
  •    You're a UK resident or have the right to work in the UK
Start up loans, just 6% with no early repayment fees

Apply now using the online form and we’ll be in touch with you to arrange an appointment – this can be within a few days if you wish.  We can get your application moving and make sure you are ready to start earning revenue.​​

We will work with you and provide guidance and support in developing your business plan, financial forecast and any supporting information. The more prepared, the better, as this will form the basis of your loan application.

When everything is ready, we will then put forward your application to be considered for funding (we have a 100% success rate of start up loan approvals). You won't be charged to make a Start Up Loan application.

After your application for a Start Up Loan has been approved, you will be able to access exclusive business offers!

You can pay back your business start-up loan between 1 and 5 years and there is no early repayment fee. The exact term will be agreed with you as part of your application process and you will be offered a business mentor for a year who will be on hand to help your business succeed.

HOW it works

Business start up loans can help any eligible person (maximum of 4 people per business).

Start up loans are straightforward unsecured personal loans between £500 and £25,0000 per person.  We can also help you to access larger amounts up to £150,000.

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Start Up Loans is a Government backed scheme providing repayable loans and mentoring to individuals who either have a viable business idea that they wish to start or have been trading for less than 2 years.

I will work with you through the process – ensuring your business plan is fundable, the revenue and profit that it will make is clear to see and by asking you the questions that need to be asked.

The business plan and cash flow are the two key aspects of your funding application and I have decades of experience successfully producing these. I will support you through the process of writing your plan, challenge your assumptions and ensure that the finances stack up.

If your loan application is successful then you will be offered a year of free support from a mentor appointed by the start-up loan company.

Start&Grow Programme for budding entrepreneurs
sfedi accredited business advisor


  •    Free application support

  •    No application or set up fees

  •    Mentoring support in your 1st year

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Business start-up loans

You may also be eligible for the Start and Grow programme.  Start and Grow is a Government backed programme that has been specifically designed to provide both pre and post business start up support to individuals looking to start a business, with the support that you receive having been valued at c. £5,000 over 3 years! 
Learn more about Free Premium Business Support.

  • £500 to £25,000 per applicant

  • 6% pa interest rate

  • 1 to 5 year term with no early repayment fees