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Whenever we hear back from those we have helped start their business they all have one thing in common, they wish they had become their own boss sooner and that they’d never go back to being employed.  There are so many benefits to running your own business; the flexibility, you make your own schedule, build your own clients, and choose your own workspace. You are in control. 

However, taking that leap of faith does not need to be a lonesome task. Business Starts can give you the business start-up and funding advice you need, wherever you live.

Be Resourceful 

With all the free resources at the click of a button, try to tap into as many as you can. If you are still in the process of thinking about becoming self-employed there is an online seminar which can be viewed from the comfort of your own home. Self-employment and HRMC will cover how to notify HM Revenue and Customers that you have started a business, as well as self-assessments and much more. Stay up to date with events and news. 

Network, network, network 

Be it part of your customer research and marketing insight or just simply to boost confidence when talking to new people about your venture, networking is where it’s at! The idea behind networking is to simply build your contacts, which will be invaluable as a start-up business. Attending a networking event can be scary but again there are many free effective networks you can tap into.

Remember two heads are better than one 

Have an experienced business advisor who can offer impartial advice and support as you pursue the road of self-employment.

Feel the fear 

And do it anyway. Know that self-doubt plagues even the most successful entrepreneurs. Worried that your product or service won’t be as good as your competitors, worried what family and friends will think, worried of course about failure. It is mainly fear of the unknown, but prioritise your business plan and remember the reasons you are taking the self-employment path. 

Helping you do business 

At Business Starts we encourage more businesses to start up and grow while bringing together a network of partners, contacts, and support to help ideas become reality.

Reproduced from an article by Business Durham